Sunday, June 22, 2014

Clegg's holiday kit: white hanky, string vest and of course flip flops!

Interesting to read in The Sunday Times that Nick Clegg is set to dish out peerages to senior Lib Dems in a bid to shut them up in the wake of the party’s obliteration in the EU elections back in May.

The lucky line-up is said to include former MEP for SW England Sir Graham Winston, former Liverpool council leader Richard Kemp, Ming Campbell and Alan Beith.

Isn’t this the same Nick Clegg who, in his party’s 2010 election manifesto, vowed to:

"Replace the House of Lords with a fully-elected second chamber with considerably fewer members than the current House."

before introducing the House of Lords Reform Bill in June 2012 and dropping it the following month?

Or the same Nick Clegg who campaigned in 2010 on a promise to scrap tuition fees and then, once in office, voted to treble them?

Or, indeed, the same chap who campaigned against what he labelled the “Tory Vat Bombshell” on the run-up to the election, happily endorsing the rise from 17.5% to 20% in 2011?

Seems to me that the list of famous policy u-turns from the famous ginger flip-flopper is growing by the day, with the out-of-touch deputy PM willing to say anything to cling on to his personal position.

Not cool. And with Nottingham Lib Dems last week voting in favour of a leadership ballot….the domino effect may well just kick in before #GE2015

Let's hope.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another step closer to a Tory majority in #GE2015 ?

Another step along the road towards a Tory majority perhaps?

According to a new poll by Lord Ashcroft it looks as if more than 12 Lib Dem seats could fall to the Tories at next May’s election.

The research involved 17,000 phone interviews in 17 marginals contested between the two parties.  Although it found that the Conservative vote had fallen by 8 points since 2010 - it highlighted the fact that the Lib Dem vote had fallen by nearly twice much - with voters defecting to the Tories, Ukip or Labour.

Across the battleground the poll found a 3.5% swing from Clegg’s party to the Tories which would be enough to unseat 15 Lib Dem MPs if repeated in next years election.

Lord Ashcroft told Tory Totty Online: "

"More than any other party the Liberal Democrats' fate will be decided at a local level. Though they have managed to consolidate their position in a few constituencies, the overall trend is clearly in the Conservatives' favour. 
"But like all polls, this is a snapshot not a prediction. There is nearly a year to go, and as my national polling shows, half of voters say they may change their minds before election day." 

View the full poll here 

Pretty damn encouraging I'd say!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Defining British Values (with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown)

The blog is back.

I can be silent no longer.

I was going to re-launch TTO with a post about the definition of what it means to be British….and then Yasmin-gate happened.

This bastion of Britishness (and self-proclaimed "leftie liberal, anti-racist, feminist, Muslim, part-Pakistani”) exploded onto our TV screens this morning - running to every news programme that would listen….. squawking like a constipated parrot about that nasty Mr Fabricant and his "offensive" tweet.

Ms Alibhai-Brown told Colin Brazier in no uncertain terms on Sky News that she had “made him (Fabricant) angry” and “this” (whatever “this” is ) just “broke out of him” like some Sigourney Weaver moment in Aliens!

For someone who describes herself as a “very responsible person” Alhibai-Brown is showing herself today to be quite the opposite.

One of the most defining traits of Britishness is our sense of humour. Our sarcasm, self-deprication, lack of subtlety and commentary of the taboo is what sets us apart.  Granted, this may appear insensitive to other cultures, but here, in our own land, we should have the right to be British - to exercise that unique sense of humour.

And we would have….. if it wasn’t for the leftie, liberal, feminists out there who form the backbone of the PC brigade.

And it didn’t take long for the sisterhood to jump on the “I’m a Muslim woman being victimised by a nasty white man” bandwagon. Gloria De Piero and Hackney Abbott soon tossed in their two-penneth in response to Alhibi-Brown's wails of: "For Michael Fabricant and quite a lot of people in the Tory party and some in Ukip, it is not acceptable to have an assertive woman - and a woman of colour actually speaking out."

Violins please.

Now let’s be clear - no sane person in their right mind would advocate violence of any description- towards men or women. I don’t know Mr Fabricant personally but I’d stake my life on the fact that he too is of this view.

His tweet this morning was merely a flippant display of intense frustration at listening to a woman who has, time and time again, been shown up as a racist, feminist, Anti-British misandrist of the most reckless stupidity with a chip on her shoulder the size of Ayres Roack.

Writing in the Telegraoh in 2010 Douglas Murray, referring to Alibhai-Bonkers as “the most stupidest woman in Britain” exposed the nut-nut’s claims that Muslims in 21st century Britain live in the following Orwellian situation: 

"At weddings and birthday parties, in quiet, tranquil mosques, at dinner tables across the land, including those of millionaire Muslims, I am hearing murmurs of trepidation and disquiet – voices kept low, sometimes vanishing into whispers, just in case; you never know if they will break down the door.”

Not to mention this appearance on The Wright Stuff during which her racist, man-hating credentials were confirmed:

Or this rant to Gavin Essler in London's Dateline publication back in June 2006

There is nothing British about Alibhai-Brown in my opinion.  She clearly despises with a passion the traditions enshrined in Britishness which make us what we are today.  She loathes white British people and wrote a book entitled "Imagining the New Britain" which displayed a black Queen on the front cover.

And so let her continue her journey of hatred, self-servitude and victimhood.....for these are the very things on which she clearly thrives.  But in the meantime..... perhaps she'd be kind enough to return her MBE!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Labour's silence on PLP debate speaks volumes

Women On, the independent, non-partisan campaign group seeking to transform the debate around women, said they welcome the Government’s announcement that all those with defective PIP breast implants will have the choice to have the faulty products removed, either by private clinics or the NHS.  

They added that it was "comforting" to know there will be no women left without any adequate support at this very challenging time.

Commenting on the announcement, Charlotte Vere, Founder of Women On said: “I am delighted that this solution has been reached and that the private healthcare sector is working with the Government to resolve this issues for tens of thousands of women”.

“However, one of the most striking things about the debate has been the lack of input from the usual suspects on the Left."

She added" "Where were the fighters for women? Where were the radical feminists, the women’s groups, the campaigners, the Labour MPs?

"The uncomfortable truth is that they don’t believe women should have the choice of cosmetic surgery and so entered into a heartless pact of non-aggression with those who used the implant debacle to rail against all cosmetic surgery with little resistance.

"I am pleased that this matter is coming to an end and disappointed there wasn’t more support from women’s groups and the Labour Party for the ordinary women caught up in extraordinary circumstances.”

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A very happy 2012 to one and all

I'd be the first to raise my hand in a poll of England's most neglectful bloggers during 2011.
That's because 1) I'm honest and 2) '11 was an interesting and time-consuming year to say the least.
Many changes, much accomplished, and everything to aim for moving into, what I predict will be, an ultimately triumphant year - both personally and nationally.
Whatever place you happen to be in right now, I truly wish you the very best for a happy, healthy and successful 2012 filled with love, laughter and anything else your heart desires.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hold onto you camels - Kitty's about!

One could be forgiven for thinking 2011 was the year of the camel rather than the rabbit.

For the toes of the four-legged ungulate have put in two appearances in the space of a week.

The first toe popped up on the menu of the Greasy Spoon Caf in I'm a Celeb when famed Hamster-gobbler Freddy Starr chomped away on the middle-eastern delicacy with admirable fortitude.

The second toe popped up in Blue Water shopping centre.

Kitty showing she's a match for any four-legged ungulate (complete with two humps)

Monday, November 07, 2011

To ToryTottiers everywhere . . . .
Catey Maxx xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Harman's at it again

Harriet Harman MP is seeking to censor page 3 girls - but what about top-totty Torso of the Week?  
Harriet Harman MP is at it again, trying to censor what we see and what we do.  
This time she has turned her attention again to those 'poor page 3 girls' - the super-soaraway Sun and the Star are underfire for daring to show consenting women for the amusement of others.  
Labour’s new shadow minister of Culture, Media and Sport Harman is adamant that “… it is not the right thing for women in the 21st century”.

No doubt she will be joined by former-MP and Liberal Democrat, Evan Harris, who tried to steal the headlines by calling for a ban of page 3 only a few weeks ago. 

However, in her relentless pursuit of ‘equality’ Ms Harman has not proposed to ban the ever-popular Torso of the Week in Heat magazine, nor those quant little parties known as the hen night where women whoop and cheer at men tastefully removing clothes for their enjoyment.
Charlotte Vere, Founder of Women On the independent, non-partisan think tank that aims to transform the debate around women, told Tory Totty Online "It is about time that Evan and Harriet realise that sex is an everyday part of life and that just as women are sex objects, so are men. 
"Where are they suggsting that it should it stop? Should we ban all photos of people lest someone somewhere finds them attractive?".

She added, "Harriet's views are not those of ordinary men and women - radical femists have gone too far.  
"Most women are busy running a home, heading out to work and looking after the children to worry about page 3 girls.  
"And most page 3 girls are grown up enough to look after themselves."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liam Fox knew what he was doing . . . .

THIS week has been sad for British politics. Again.

For over a week Defence Secretary Liam Fox, upholder of the Tory right, has been mired in scandal.

His 'friendship' with best pal Adam Werrity and subsequent irregularities in ministerial conduct regarding overseas trips and access to the MoD, have dominated round the clock news cycles.

Yesterday, he was forced to resign.

Just as we thought the week couldn't get any worse Cam's chief policy advisor, Oliver Letwin, was snapped by the Daily Mirror binning sensitive documents pertaining to terrorism, national security and constituents private details for God's sake!

Fox had apparently "mistakenly allowed the distinction between [his] personal interest and his Government activities to become blurred."

No he hadn't.

This is an intelligent man who embodied everything wonderful about Conservatism.
Raised on a council estate in East Kilbride he worked his way through state school to graduate from Glasgow University, went on to become a GP and also served as a civilian Army medical Officer and Divisional Surgeon with the St Johns Ambulance.

He first became an MP in 1992 and enjoyed a steady rise to prominence within the party, culminating in his role as defence secretary, which he carried out, up to now, with great competence.

His mistake wasn't naivety or misjudgment.  It was getting caught. Fox knew exactly what he was doing.  To ask us to believe otherwise is to treat us like idiots.

It pains me to say it, because he always has been and always will be one of my favourite Tories. He's a clever, decent man and an extremely capable politician.
But these were acts of gross stupidity from someone who should have known better, and he paid the ultimate price.
Selfish, reckless behaviour which now renders the government and the country worse off due to his departure from the MoD.

As for Letwin. I despair. Again, how dare behave in such a feckless manner, displaying a blatant disregard for both his constituents and his office.

Cameron must reign-in these wayward politicians before things get out of control.

We need a period of focus.  A return to responsible governance.  We need to address issues which matter to the ordinary man on the street. Jobs. Pensions. Unemployment. Rising costs. Impending strikes. I could go on.

These distractions only serve to compound lefty taunts that Tories don't care and Lib Dems are incompetent.

And whilst I agree with the latter, the former couldn't be further from the truth and we need to get that message across to the electorate.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nadine Dorries (#nadinedorries) - the real deal

Last night I had the pleasure of the company of the MP for Mid Bedfordshire.

She needs no introduction.

Nadine Dorries is a unique entity. 

In the words of 90's pop group The Shaman, this Tory MP is "very much maligned and misunderstood."

Never have I been in the company of such a warm, funny, honest, normal and attractive individual, who, is both charming and, importantly, a laugh.

Politician or no politician - the cheap headlines peddled by the mainstream press and the left-wing Twitterati are a world away from the intelligent, savvy, personable woman with whom I shared an extremely enjoyable evening.

I wish Nadine well in her continued campaign to reduce the abortion time limit to 20 weeks, and also in her campaign against the IPC's decision to allow US waste company Covanta to build a Wembley sized incinerator in mid Beds.

Other than that - best foot forward my friend ;)