Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blokey Bullingdon boys at #pmqs aren't becoming

Brothers in smarms
I, like many other commentators with a conscience, watched the Nadine Dorries debacle at PMQs yesterday (Wednesday) open-mouthed.
The way the Prime Minister behaved towards the MP for mid-Beds was completely inappropriate.

In the words of Quentin Letts:
‘Frustrated’! Ha ha ha! said Mr Cameron.
‘Perhaps I should start again.’
‘I’m going to give up on this one!’
And with that he sat down and gave Mr Clegg a blokeish push on the shoulder.
How the House loved it. 
First and foremost, Ms Dorries was only saying what a large number of Tories, myself included, think: Cameron is bending slavishly to Lib Dem demands who, as she so rightly said, make up a paltry 8.7% of Parliament. It's a joke.
They seem very gobby for a bunch of lilly-livered lemoneys who are skating on precariously thin political ice.
True Conservative values are being diluted by a big, fat dose of liberal complacency.
We're either being held to ransom by Clegg and his cronies, or, Cam's not a true Conservative after all - something, I hasten to add, I never thought I'd say.
Which ever is the case, he needs to follow Ms Dorries' advice and remind our Nick-half-day-on-a friday-Clegg who's the boss.
This public 'hanging-out-to-dry' of Ms Dorries, who, whatever you may think of her abortion amendment bill, still has a right to a fair hearing in parliament, is a disgrace.
It shows what a puerile, fickle, blithering farce the Commons has become, where respect, integrity and plain common sense are a thing of the past, and where the Prime Minister of this great country thinks it's amusing to belittle his colleagues - particularly females.
I'm disgusted - and believe me - it takes a lot where the Tory's are concerned.
But Cameron's Bullingdon roots are sneaking in a bit too frequently for my liking, so too, are those of Osborne, who Letts commented:
Few people had laughed louder at her (Dorries) question, by the way, than William Hague and George Osborne
 If the Tory party want to earn a mandate to govern on their own in 2015, they need to get a grip.
Ghastly guffawing at female colleagues in any situation, is a hideous trait.
And one they'd do well to nip in the bud.

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